Current Openings

All positions at TBS-Connect require excellent communication skills. Strong analytical and problem solving, these are essential for software engineers.

Interested to join us

Send an email to Include a cover letter explaining your strengths, accomplishments and what it is that you are looking for. And then include your resume.

We encourage you to ask us questions as well. Just like we want to make sure we hire the best talent, and more importantly people that are good fit for our culture, we want you to fully understand us so you can decide if TBS-Connect is the right fit for you. So, please ask questions when we talk to you.

Our goal is to further enhance our culture of trust where employees are empowered to manage their own time, which allows them to return to work refreshed, with better ideas and solutions for clients.

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    TBS-Connect is an innovative Management & Technology Consulting firm. We offer our clients a comprehensive suite of Systems Integration and Management Consulting Services related to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementations & Application Management Services with a particular focus on SAP and SAS.


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