Mergers and Acquisitions IT Integration

As more organizations search for ways to grow and expand their operations, the level of Merger & Acquisition activities is increasing significantly. After a merger, CIOs encounter many new challenges, mostly involving achieving a balance between running the day-to-day operations of the business with the added task of integrating the individual IT platforms into a single functioning IT unit.

TBS-Connect helps create an integration plan aligned with your business priorities, estimate effort and implications, and explore different scenarios to realize synergies and returns faster. Our experts have created a time-tested and proven roadmap to accelerate your M&A integrations with minimal disruptions to your business operations.

Our strategy for a successful merger consists of four main building blocks:

  • Integration team setup – Identify available resources and the core team.
  • Business assessment – Analyze the current situation and the challenges the company is facing.
  • Implementation strategy – Streamline M&A IT strategy to improve efficiencies and eliminate gaps.
  • Plan kick-off – Provide a working platform for the M&A IT integration.


    TBS-Connect is an innovative Management & Technology Consulting firm. We offer our clients a comprehensive suite of Systems Integration and Management Consulting Services related to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementations & Application Management Services with a particular focus on SAP and SAS.


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