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SAP S/4HANA is an in-memory, Business Suite that is built for the digital landscape and scenarios which basically delivers simpler Enterprise Functions. Most of the organizations these days adopt HANA Strategy and most face challenges in adopting HANA into their Business. TBS-Connect provide Implementation and Consulting Services for SAP S/4HANA transformation.

SAP HANA improves and changes all enterprise functions from Customer Service Logistics to Finance and Marketing. It authorizes Businesses to run in real time, providing the accessibility to transact, predict and analyze instantly unforeseeable world. Most of the Organizations are taking various routes to get Business value from SAP HANA. These wide range of functions from the careful addressing of a single business process through an entire transformation of end-to-end ERP systems on the SAP HANA platform.

We are basically working with clients on several approaches which can run in parallel to meet specific and basic business goals and strategies.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One is multidisciplinary ERP software especially designed for companies looking for integrated single solution that will manage their entire business processes. You can manage all your business aspects from accounting & finance to logistics and customer relationship through SAP Business One. It also helps you to simplify your processes, take better & accelerate growth and timely-decisions. You can easily take informed decisions and get an access to any vital business information.

SAP Business One is an end-to-end solution that cuts off cost and saves you from the hassles of integrating different applications. It has an in-built interface, provides real-time business information, which reduces inefficiencies and minimizes IT complexities for implementation.

SAP Business One is a scalable, affordable and easily customizable Business management software solution which is created and developed by the world’s leading developers of enterprise resource management systems, SAP. This software solution is specifically designed to simplify the data management of financial accounting, services, sales, Customer Relationships (CRM), Inventory Management, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Warehouse Management and Analytical Reporting processes of midsize and small companies so that you can expand locally, nationally and internationally with ease.

The enterprise software system is very simple to use affordable and also a safe choice. The Business one management software solution not only dramatically improves performance across your entire organization, but also substantially reduces risk. This upgraded solution will not only be relevant today, it will also continue to be a long term effective Business management system well into the future. As every industry has unique business requirements, processes and challenges, SAP and its partners offer industry-specific solutions that will extend the Business One software to meet all your specific needs.

Business One is very powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system. The software program is a combined system of integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM), financial accounting, inventory/warehouse control-tracking-management software solution and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) specifically designed to small to mid-sized business processes.


SAP BI/BO, A business that improves their ability to anticipate and understand change is at a very competitive advantage. Putting all information and insight into the hands of business users will always help them to exercise sound judgment and ensures accurate decision-making and delivers innovation at all level. With SAP Business Objects, you always get a flexible solution that will deliver accurate information on which the stakeholders can base business critical decisions.

The platform supports a comprehensive business intelligence suite, integrates with existing applications and information sources and makes it easy for everyone – from the CEO to business analysts, field staff, suppliers and partners – to discover and share insight to make your business run better.

Why should you Choose SAP Business Objects BI Platform?

  • Improve business user autocracy by exposing data in plain business terms.
  • Increase the range of data accessible to all your users.
  • Support improved decision-making with easy to personalized, consume, dynamic information.
  • Fast deployment with one unified enterprise information management infrastructure and-BI.
  • Reduce IT workload with simplified administration and maintenance options.
  • Allow IT to delegate information requests to business users.

TBS-Connect delivers services on BI and BO as a core business services in the area of Analytics. We also recommend Business Objects for decision making Analytical Reports, dashboards to drive any customer’s Business to next level. Our capabilities in terms of Analytics are:

  • Data Extraction
  • Reporting
  • Business Planning/
  • Business Process Consolidation (BPC)
  • Information Broadcasting
  • Dashboard
  • Tablet/ Smartphone Integration

Customers can also implement Business Objects on top of any Business Intelligence or maybe directly deploy rapid building blocks of BO. Dashboards reports are always generated to give decision making information as Management Information System. As we focus on technology solutions and analytics, we try to implement and support BOC that can bring on your business analytics on the move from wide range of data sources such as SAP and non-SAP from On-premises and Cloud.


SAP CRM, A system that manage transaction and master data automatically with your ERP system. With SAP CRM you get all this and also the best process support and with TBS-Connect you get an experienced partner to support you.

There are number of CRM systems in the market and when you take a close look at them you will also find that most of these are hardly applications for sales support. SAP CRM combines all customer-relevant processes from sales, customer service and marketing in one system and one common database. The integration with SAP BI and SAP ERP is built in such a manner that SAP CRM is not an isolated solution. By integrating this into the existing IT landscape a consistent support of all the customer-related processes can be achieved.

For years now SAP CRM has been improved continually and adjusted to many new technologies and requirements. There are thousands of customers from different industries who use SAP CRM everywhere around the globe in many country-specific versions, currencies and languages. We are one of the most experienced CRM partners in the world. We also implemented SAP CRM at customers overseas.

SAP Process Integration

SAP Process Integration application allows you to execute cross-system processes. It lets you to connect systems from various vendors in different versions and implemented them in different programming languages to each other. TBS-Connect SAP Process Integration is wisely based on an open architecture, which uses open standards and offers those services that are essential in a heterogeneous and complex system landscape.

TBS-Connect technical consultants have very vast and wide experience in helping our clients with the setup and installation of SAP NetWeaver and also help them in different systems in your system landscape talk to each other perfectly and flawlessly.

The company’s ERP Integration solutions has a very big benefit to the organization by rendering them end-to-end control and visibility of business operations. This control also improves interactions with customers and partner’s increases responsiveness to all the business changes makes captured knowledge more widely and available enables new market opportunities.

TBS-Connect also examines the business needs identify all different possible of ERP Integration solutions implement and select appropriate architectures, tools and technologies and also deploy a high impact of ERP integration solution.


SAP SEM is one of the focal point for all high-performance industries and businesses. It also delivers end-to-end capabilities which would support financial consolidation, performance management and strategy management life cycle. Our SEM Implementation allows CFOs to be proactive and also act before competition. SAP SEM can help all the organizations dramatically to improve their ability and to organize analyze and integrate a wide range of financial, competitor, operational and marketplace information to deliver sustainable high performance.

  • Business Consolidation (SEM-BCS)
  • Corporate Performance Monitor (SEM-CPM)
  • Business Information Collection (SEM-BIC)
  • Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW)
  • Business Planning and Simulation (SEM-BPS)

An SEM application will always typically draw upon a very common pool of consistent data from a data warehouse which is also accessible to decision-makers, such as CFOs and strategic planners, who can drill down to the level of detail they actually require. Above this data warehouse there will be a set of analytical application systems incorporating such techniques as shareholder value management, activity based management and balanced scorecard. The potential of the combination of all these elements is very powerful. SAP Strategic Enterprise Management does just that by helping the organizations translate business strategy into real-life, everyday actions in the organization.


SAP HCM is one of the major modules in SAP that plays an important role in building an organized management in enterprises. SAP HCM consultants are some of the most demanded professionals in the global market. HCM is one of the most important processes in organizations across industries. In an organization, HR not just hires employees but segregates employees based on various factors such as department level, payment days, payment details, designations and more. Besides, various other works such as promotions, employee engagement and team motivation tasks are taken care of by the HR. These works might sound very simple; however, working out all these for people of an entire organization is not an easy work at all. To streamline all such HR processes, SAP ERP operations are widely used. SAP HCM ERP is one of the most flexible software for HR processes widely used across industries

There are many advantages of SAP implementation and SAP ERP operations is no exception. SAP HCM training helps one to gain better hands on using SAP HCM module. SAP HCM ERP allows one to organize a structure HR process system in a work station. Many tasks can be automated thus reducing manual work and increasing productivity. SAP HCM configuration allows one to maximize the recruitment process such as organizations can hire permanent but also on contractual, part-time workers and also daily wagers. Also implementing SAP HCM module doesn’t require redesigning of the entire process. SAP HCM User is flexible software and allows one to adjust the new SAP developments within the existing process. SAP has various models for different processes in

  • Organizational Management
  • Personnel Administration
  • E-Recruitment / Recruitment Management
  • Time Management
  • Payroll–USA/UK/Canada/Australia/Middle East/Singapore
  • ESS and MSS
  • Reporting
  • Development Training & Event Management

TBS-Connect technical consultants have very vast and wide experience in helping our clients with the setup and installation of SAP HCM

TBS-Connect has a truly unique approach to delivering HCM Cloud implementations. TBS-Connect can show you how to get innovation faster based on our experience with HCM technology. We implement solutions that give you the ability to track and manage your recruiting, talent and benefits management processes, and help you forecast future workforce needs. These best practices help you get more out of technology while lowering risk and improving user adoption. We enable integration and easy modification to support business needs. We deliver outstanding planning and excellent execution throughout the full life cycle, from assessment to execution, deployment, training, support and upgrades.

Why choose and implement SAP Success Factors

With over 4,000 customers and 40 million users, Success Factors is the most widely adopted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business software in the world. Success Factors is a full-suite Human Capital Management (HCM) solution that directly links an organizations’ people strategy to their business strategy – what we call ‘Business Execution’. Success Factors is deployed in a modular approach and can be deployed in whatever order suits the organization using it – ‘Start Anywhere, Go Anywhere’. This unique approach enables organizations to acquire what the HR solutions they need when they need them to increase overall HR and business effectiveness. TheSuccess Factors suite.

SAP Support

SAP Support, TBS-Connect provide a high quality, cost effective and consistent SAP support services. TBS-Connect support covers the full range of SAP functions, which goes beyond problem solving to enhance the smooth running of your entire business and adjust for troughs and peaks in demand. We offer high consistent, quality SAP system support, which would be covering the full spectrum of SAP functions. Unmatchable flexibility and SAP knowledge transfer also support for your all SAP team.

SAP AMC Model includes Off-Shore, On-Site and On-Demand in Industry practices. TBS-Connect provide all Support Models in domestic and aboard.

TBS-Connect will allocate a SAP Project Team, specifically for multiple / Individual Customer and the project team.

  • Project manager, Functional Lead, Technical Lead, Basis Lead and Consultants.
  • Functional and Technical leads assess the support issues and provides required solutions to users for all complex issues where consultant couldn’t find suitable solution.
  • Leads to interact with users for any requirement and then understanding and visit Customer for meetings whenever required.
  • The whole project is being monitored & managed by a Project Manager to ensure customer gets the Support in such a way that the Business is not hampered, it improves the Business Operation’s and increases the effectiveness of the IT usage.

TBS-Connect will lead to audit all the work which is completed as a Quality Inspection before releasing the work to customer and we will also make it sure that the documentations for the Configuration changes as follows:

  • Technical document, Configuration document, Test Case document.
  • UAT document.
  • Risk/ Impact assessment document.

SAP Transports will not be approved to Production Without the above documents.


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