SAP Mobile

Thinking of expanding your business horizons? Adopt SAP mobility solutions; it offers you progressive solutions! Be a forerunner in implementing SAP mobility solutions and you will soon find yourself on top of the game!

  • Visibly improving profit margin.
  • Quick real-time decision making.
  • Pre-integrated solutions to maximize utility of work force and infrastructure.
  • Accurate solutions lessen unexpected project cost over-runs.
  • Scalable solutions to ensure future growth.


TBS Connect focuses on providing a complete implementation solution to various businesses to make the most of their SAP system. We follow a process which concentrates on achieving the business goals at ease! Our extensive experience in SAP implementation process guides you to achieve all your business goals.

  • Provides a tool-based implementation method which considerably cuts down time and cost.
  • Follows standard procedures for implementation, operation, and optimization of SAP solutions.
  • Carefully designed concepts, solution accelerators, and templates to uplift the user experience.
  • Focused approach for individual implementation phases within a project.
  • Diligent implementation methodology to streamline projects.


TBS-Connect SAP upgrade services comprise of a comprehensive solution package including tool based upgrade process and methodologies. Our service enables the clients to exploit the full advantages of its higher versions. TBS-Connect aims to provide a cost effective solution while keeping the risks factors in check.

  • Comprehensive package of services, tools, and methodologies to keep your entire business unit up to the latest SAP solutions.
  • Quick and cost effective solutions while keeping the risks to the minimum.
  • Dedicated upgrade process comprising of technical, functional, and strategic business process optimization.
  • Ensures a wholesome upgrade experience.

Maintenance and Support

TBS-Connect is committed to provide round-the-clock technical support to our global SAP application users. We follow a well-thought-out maintenance and support methodology to strengthen the core values of our client’s business.

  • Routine application maintenance and support.
  • Periodic performance reporting.
  • Operations support including capacity planning, system, database, and network administration.
  • Functionality evaluation and root cause analysis for recurring issues.
  • Scalable service solutions to accommodate the ever growing support requirements.
  • Ensures timely achievement of service level objectives.


TBS-Connect has already gained a name in simplifying testing process involving any complex business environment. We offer an innovative testing methodology which ensures minimal business stoppage risks.

  • Meticulous test preparation, execution and evaluation.
  • Incremental reduction in testing effort.
  • Compartmentalized testing practices emphasize on function, upgrade, regression, etc.
  • Curtails business shutdown.
  • Best practices in test management.


    TBS-Connect is an innovative Management & Technology Consulting firm. We offer our clients a comprehensive suite of Systems Integration and Management Consulting Services related to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementations & Application Management Services with a particular focus on SAP and SAS.


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